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1 July

Mastering $85 Per Track!

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Looking for a studio to master your next project? You can trust that Spinlight Studio will give your tracks the well deserved attention to detail required to take your mixes to the next level in quality and professionalism. With an array of boutique analog gear and sophisticated mastering software, your tracks will shine with the […]

  • Joel Procter, Artist, Newcastle

    Working with Rhys Zacher has had a huge impact on the success of my current album. Not only does the studio create incredible sounding recordings, but also creates a space where creativity is allowed to thrive.

    - Joel Procter, Artist, Newcastle
  • Melissa Otto, Artist, Newcastle

    Rhys is so naturally gifted with music and gave such tasteful input to help me sculpt the sound into something more beautiful than I could have hoped. I am so happy with the way my album ‘Blue Sky’ turned out; which is amazing because I am so critical about my own music. I am so grateful for the commitment and talent Rhys gave to help me make my album. 

    - Melissa Otto, Artist, Newcastle
  • Alex Apostolou, Peacemeal, Newcastle

    Rhys’ passion and expertise is evident in every one of our recordings. He dedicated hours to perfecting his production and communicated with us the whole time to ensure we were completely happy with the tracks. The quality, professionalism, and value provided by Spinlight Studio is unmatched by any other.

    - Alex Apostolou, Peacemeal, Newcastle
  • Taylor Cawsey

    Rhys is very professional and is very passionate with making sure the artist gets the right sound they are looking for. With Rhys being a musician as well, I found that he was able to give his opinion and input into artists work to help achieve the best results.

    - Taylor Cawsey
  • Joey Geyer, The Patriots, Newcastle

    Spinlight Studio turned our songs into something we previously would have thought possible! Rhys gives you maximum freedom in a creative environment to work every single note and beat until it’s 110%…We loved it.

    - Joey Geyer, The Patriots, Newcastle
  • Matt Conaghan, Capeside, Newcastle

    I’ve recorded at other studios in Newcastle and none of them come close to the quality of sound that Spinlight Studio produces. Rhys was able to produce radio quality sounding tracks on our tight budget. The whole experience was very laid back and relaxing, which created a great environment for recording our tracks. Unlike other studios who try and rush you through your songs, Rhys took the time to be thorough when recording, mixing and mastering to make sure we achieved the sound we were after.

    - Matt Conaghan, Capeside, Newcastle
  • Brayden Porter, Third Uncle, Newcastle

    Excellent studio for getting a polished, crisp and crystal clear sound. Very professional and extremely efficient.

    - Brayden Porter, Third Uncle, Newcastle
  • Matt Purcell, Artist, Newcastle

    Rhys has to be one of the most talented, professional, patient and hard working musicians and producers I know. I couldn’t speak any higher of Rhys and all he has done for me in the years in writing, performing, touring in my music career. He’s a great guy to work with and you will absolutely love what he does with your songs.

    - Matt Purcell, Artist, Newcastle
  • Sarah Potts, Artist, Newcastle

    Rhys Zacher is a pleasure to work with. Not only does he create a warm environment with his friendly personality, but his innovative ideas are incredibly valuable in the creative process of creating and recording songs.

    - Sarah Potts, Artist, Newcastle
  • James Edge, Forever And A Day, Newcastle

    Second to none in newcastle! Awesome dude even better recordings! Would not recommend anyone else!

    - James Edge, Forever And A Day, Newcastle
  • Liv Gritten, Skyepoint, Newcastle

    There’s a great balance and integrity to the way Rhys works; he has a natural intuition for how a track should sound without impeding the style of the artist. He brings out the best in your music and makes you feel right at home.

    - Liv Gritten, Skyepoint, Newcastle
  • Liam Ruddo, Pasha Bulka, Newcastle

    Great studio, producer, atmosphere and equipment all at an affordable price. what more could you possibly want?!

    - Liam Ruddo, Pasha Bulka, Newcastle
  • Melody Pool, Artist, Kurri Kurri

    Working with Rhys Zacher was both refreshing and inspiring. It was the first time recording my own songs, so it was important for me to feel comfortable and to express what I wanted without being embarrassed or intimidated and Rhys was so accommodating and friendly that it made it such an easy working environment

    - Melody Pool, Artist, Kurri Kurri
  • Jacob Pearson, Artist, Central Coast

    For someone as fussy as me, Rhys was ridiculously patient and accommodating. I am amazingly happy with the EP we finished and no matter what sound you might be after, I would recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent sounding product. He really knows what he is doing.­­

    - Jacob Pearson, Artist, Central Coast